Bath & Dry

Ideal after a muddy walk or just for a freshen up in between grooms. Here's what's included...

  • Washed using a natural shampoo specially chosen to suit your dogs skin and coat type.
  • A warm blow dry (no drying cabinets used)
  • A brush out
  • Health check*

Choose to add a 15 minute spa bath for the ultimate pamper session.


See 'Mini treats' for any extras you wish to include.

Full Groom

  • Washed using a natural shampoo specially chosen to suit your dogs skin and coat type.
  • A warm blow dry (no drying cabinets used)
  • A brush out and de-shed (removal of dead coat)
  • Clipped/trimmed or hand stripped** & styled appropriately for their lifestyle or owners preference.
  • Ears cleaned
  • Nails cut
  • Health check*
  • Facial scrub (see 'mini treats' for details)
  • Plus a free bandana, tie or bow.

Choose to add a 15 minute spa bath for the ultimate pamper session.

Golden Oldies

Please contact us providing details of any health issues/ailments and we will be happy to tailor make a package best suited to your dog that will leave them feeling relaxed, rejuvinated and smelling lovely!

Our spa bath is perfect for massaging tired muscles and soothing painful joints. Go to the 'Ozone spa bath' tab in the menu for more details on the health benefits of a spa bath.

Puppy Love

We want your dog to love coming to Dig Dogs. This is why we offer a FREE puppy introduction package.

Bring your puppy in for lots of fuss and cuddles while getting used to the sounds and smells of the salon. This is a great way to form a bond between dog and groomer and ensure they enjoy their future grooms. You will also recieve care advice specific to their breed/coat type.

Please note, no treatments are included in this package.

*Health check - Every treatment comes with a complimentary health check. Your dogs whole body will be checked for any lumps, sores or abnormalities. By law we are not allowed to diagnose any findings but we can provide advice on when to seek veterinary attention. Regular grooming is a great way to spot early signs of health issues that could otherwise go unoticed.


**Handstrip - Please note we will not bath your dog straight after a handstrip as there is a higher risk of post-groom furunculosis. This is a severe skin infection that can be fatal. After a hand strip the hair follicles are left open and susceptible to infection, for this reason we don't recommend bathing for at least 2 weeks after.

         Mini Treats

Facial Scrub (included with every full groom)    £3

This scrub cleans and hydrates the skin, reduces tear and beard stains, leaves the coat feeling soft and looking vibrant. The natural ingredients mean it is completely safe even if it gets in the dogs eyes or mouth, yet it still removes stubborn stains. It works wonders on all dogs and is especially suited to wrinkly faced breeds such as pugs and bulldogs as it cleans deep into their folds of skin.


Paw Balm    £2 (when added to a groom)  £5 (as a stand alone treatment)

Paws can become distressed due to hot or cold weather, from dust, dirt, grass or abrasive surfaces. This balm will protect, heal and moisturise to keep their feet in top condition.

After a soak in warm bubbly water, the balm will be gently massaged into the paws.


Nose Balm    £1

This gentle balm soothes ad heals dry cracked noses.


De-Shed (included with every full groom)  From £7

The removal of any dead coat. Great for dogs prone to moulting.


Teeth cleaning     Please contact for more details and pricing

We use an Emmipet ultrasonic toothbrush and specially formulated toothpaste. This is a non evasive procedure that kills bacteria and cleans the teeth and gums to prevent the build up of plaque and tartar.

If plaque or staining is already present we recommend starting a regular treatment program.

If the plaque build up is significant, you may need to seek veterinary attention for a descaling under anaesthetic, we can then stay on top of your dogs dental hygiene using the Emmipet toothbrush.





Our prices

This price list is a guideline only.

Many factors are taken into consideration when pricing each individual dog as we need to determine the level of work required. These factors include - Coat condition, size of dog, temperment, age and style required.

Please be as precise as possible when describing your dog over the phone.

The price will be confirmed at the initial consultation and agreed with you before starting the groom.


Please note, a surcharge will be added if your dog is severely matted or has a flea infestation.

Bath and Dry

  Prices start at
Extra small (chihuahua) £ 10
Small (Jack russel) £ 15
Medium (Spaniel) £ 25
Large (Labrador) £ 35
Extra Large (Mastiff) £ 45

Full Groom

  Prices start at
Extra Small £ 20
Small £ 25
Medium £ 35
Large £ 45
Extra Large £ 55

Ozone Jacuzzi Spa Bath

For details on our spa bath, click the 'Ozone Spa Bath' tab on the menu.

Prices are based on a 15 minute jacuzzi and are added onto the price of a standard groom.

Extra Small & Small £5
Medium £10  £5
Large & Extra Large £15  £10

Treatments while you wait

Face & eyes trim

Hygiene trim - trim around the bottom and private area £4
Nails cut £5
Nails filed - for dogs who don't like having them cut, or when the quick is too long. £9
Feet trimmed £5

To make an appointment call or text - 07715211597