Terms & Conditions

At the initial consultation you will be asked to sign a record form containing details about yourself and your dog. By signing this form, you are deemed to have accepted the below terms and conditions.

We only require one signature and this covers anyone else who is responsible for the dog(s) named on the form.

Arrivals & Collections

When you arrive to pick up/collect your dog please ring the bell located next to the gate and I will come and let you in.

I kindly ask that you wait to be greeted, even if you find the gate unlocked. This is for the safety of you, your dog and any dog that may already be on the premises.

If you arrive early to drop off/collect your dog, ring the bell to notify me of your arrival and I will come to the gate as soon as possible. Please be prepared to wait as I may be finishing off a groom.

Late arrivals/collections

If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, I may not be able to complete the groom, however the full fee will still be payable.

If you are more than 15 minutes late collecting your dog, a charge of £5 per 15 minutes will be payable.

I understand that sometimes lateness is completely out of your control but even in these circumstances the fees above will still apply.


Please give at least 24 hours notice of any cancellations (this includes rearranging appointments) Missed appointments with less notice will be charged 50% of the full fee.


Accidents can happen however please ensure your dog has been able to relieve themselves prior to their appointment.

Behavioural issues

Please inform me if your dog has any known behavioural issues, especially aggressive tendencies.

I reserve the right to refuse an overly aggressive dog.

If your dog is especially stressed or nervous, it may mean that the groom needs to be completed over a series of sessions or postponed for the dog's safety and comfort.

Sessions will be charged accordingly.

Fleas and Ticks

If your dog has fleas please do not bring them to the salon. Treatment should take place at home first to avoid spreading to other pets.

If a serious infestation is discovered on your dog after they have been admitted to the salon, a further charge of £10 will be added to cover time and products necessary to fumigate the salon.

If a tick is discovered on your dog, it will be removed as safely as possible at the owner’s risk. We recommend a thorough review by a veterinarian.

Accidents & Injuries

The health and well being of your dog is always top priority and whilst the upmost care goes into every groom, sometimes accidents can happen. In the event of an accident or injury that requires veterinarian attention, the owner is responsible to pay any expenses related to the incident unless it is due to negligence on our part.

Dig Dogs will always inform the owner of any injuries no matter how small.

Anal glands and ear plucking

According to the Pet Industry Federation, ear plucking and anal gland expression should no longer be performed by a groomer. If you feel your dog requires this for health reasons, please see a veterinarian.


I am fully insured. A copy of the certificate can be found in the salon.


Please inform me of ANY health problems your dog has prior to their groom. This is to ensure I can make the groom as comfortable as possible for them.

If your dog has or you suspect they may have an infectious illness or disease, please do not bring them to the salon.

A health check will be carried out on all dogs and you will be informed of anything that requires veterinary attention. Please note Dig Dogs will not be held responsible for any health problems that are missed. These health checks do not replace regular checkups with your vet.

Sometimes, grooming can reveal health issues that have previously gone unnoticed. You will always be informed of any findings. In some cases I may need to seek veterinarian advice before I can continue the groom. In the event that the groom must be postponed, the full fee will still be payable.



An additional charge will be added to the groom for severely matted dogs.

Please see the matting policy. This can be found in the salon


A quote will be given on request prior to your appointment, it is important that you give as much detail as possible for this quote to be accurate. This price is subject to change at the consultation once I have examined the dog and we have discussed his/her grooming requirements. The price will be agreed upon before the start of the groom.

Dig Dogs only accepts cash payments.

All grooms must be paid in full upon collection of the dog.

Any charges for missed appointments as outlined above must be paid in full before your next appointment.

For repeat missed appointments, I may need to ask for a deposit to secure future appointments.

Please understand that Dig Dogs is a small business and missed appointments/lateness can have a huge effect.


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